Apps For Hanging out on Your Phone

The Best Applications for Hanging out on Your Phone

While many people have different uses for their smartphone, there is one use that is common among almost all users. With a plethora of applications available on smartphones, in the Play Store and App Store, we can safely say that killing boredom or hanging out on your smartphone is one of the best features of this technology.

Before we had the presence of smartphones in our life, killing time would mean that you would have to walk out a mile to your friend’s house or watch a game of overpaid sportsmen on television. But, with the success of smartphones, passing your time on your phone has become a feasible proportion for many. We can now download the app we best prefer for the purpose and can easily hover around on our phones and enjoy a stellar time, without even having to leave our room.

With both ease of life and efficiency guaranteed by smartphones, the only conundrum that remains now is regarding the selection of the best applications for passing your time on your phone. Now hanging out on your phone means that the application you have on display should be interactive, should keep you hooked and should most importantly have a flawless design. Now, finding all of this in a random application on the Play Store or App Store would be a tiring task, which is why we will be putting an end to your troubles through the means of this list.

Here we have some of the best applications for passing your time on your phone. These applications come with an interactive design that is bound to keep you hooked for quite some time. So, only proceed with this list if you have time on your hand and are willing to enter the brilliant world of hanging out on your smartphone.

Dots by Playdots, Inc

Dots by developers Platdots, Inc is a brilliant way to pass some time on your phone and have the fun of playing one of the most fancied games ever. The gameplay is really simple, but the way it keeps you hooked to your mobile screen is what adds to the beauty of this application. What you need to do is just connect dots of similar colors in squares or straight lines. No, you cannot place the dots in diagonals as you are only allowed to follow a straight pattern. If you are able to create a straight line or are able to connect dots with each other to form the desired figure then you would be rewarded with points. You can also play against the clock, where you are required to form a line of as many dots as you are able to do within a certain amount of time, or against any other constraints such as limited moves or limited space. The game is free for users across Operating Systems, but you can purchase the play to infinity option if you want even more feasibility.

The reason why we have this simple game of ups and downs in this list is because of how simple it is and how it keeps you hooked to your smartphone screens for hours. The game is mindless and does not require a genius to ace it, which means that many of us can have a good time making our way across the interface. Moreover, there is no pressure for you to be overly excellent in the game, as average performances can also help you get the desired results. The constraints, including time and number of moves allocated per round, make it even more interesting if you want to experience a challenge.

Flow Free

Flow Free by developers Big Duck Games is another one of this graphically simple games that are relaxing and can keep players hooked. This age of modern day applications on a smartphone has meant that although enhanced graphics may look aesthetically pleasing, applications with simple graphics and an interactive game play do a better job at getting user attention. This can be gauged by the level of user enthusiasm towards Dots above and Flow Free here.

The game play for Flow Free is that you have to connect colored dots without any of them overlapping each other. In simpler terms none of the colors should overlap each other. The dragging motions you make through your fingers on the glassy small zen garden is what makes this game interesting and relaxing. The controls are fairly simple and can be managed without any expertise whatsoever. The game has a certain level of challenge in it, but besides that there are no complications or challenges in crossing levels.

Dumb Ways to Die By Metro

Amid all the graphically intense games that have interesting game plays and precarious challenges, Dumb Ways to Die by Metro has come up as a game that is different than the others and offers a more relaxed and fun time.

The game revolves a bunch of casually and awkwardly drawn characters you are required to save from impending doom that arises because of a few very dumb ways to die. Some of these dumb ways to die include eaten by sharks, stung by wasps and being hit by trains. One of the reasons why we have this game on our list is because of the background music that is playing while you enjoy the game. The music has been rated as catchy and exciting by many users who just can’t have enough of the music and the game. The game turns morbid over time, but it is indeed a good way to pass your time if you are not feeling well about how things are going in your life. Moreover, you can do your best to save all of your characters or just watch them die because both of these activities are equally fun while playing this game.

Paper Toss Series

If you have been using your smartphone for over a couple of months and have been up to date with what’s trending on Play Store and App Store then there is no doubt in the fact that you must have heard about the success of Paper Toss and Paper Toss 2.

The game play is extremely simple as all you need to do is toss paper balls in the bin with the aim and accuracy to land it in the right place. The game gives you a chance to be a litterbug in the online world, which is fun to be honest.

One of the main reasons why we have Paper Toss and Paper Toss 2 on the list is because you can play the game for hours without having to worry about being overwhelmed or bored. Interestingly, you also have the option to toss the paper at your boss, who is found sitting near the bin. Just throw it at your boss and see them react to your mischief. Moreover, you can also play the game while commuting to and from your office as it is a good way to pass time on your smartphone.


If you haven’t been living under a rock you would by now be aware of what Kindle is and how much of an impact it has had on the smartphone experience. For years smartphones were blamed for risking the continuity of the passion people had towards book reading among other traditional activities. However, with the release and popularity of Kindle, all these doubts have been put into perspective.

Kindle isn’t a game; it is basically an application that you can read books on without having to step out of the comfortable realms of your smartphone. The popularity of Kindle has spurred from its ability to enforce a positive air of reading and learning that people thought would be lost or forgotten in this age of smartphone madness. Although the world of internet has given us a plethora of options to read, from Tweets to Tumblr posts, the need for book reading was felt and answered by Kinder. Here you can read books of your choice without having to pay a fortune every time you buy a new release. Download the app and pass your time doing what mankind has been doing for ages; reading.

Hardest Game Ever 2

Like the title suggests, the application for the Hardest Game Ever is complicated, exciting and even mildly frustrating. The game boasts of no less than 24 different stages of different nature. None of these stages can be taken lightly as they bring a whole new level of excitement to the picture. Moreover, the presence of time-constraints in the application means that the addictive quality persists throughout the whole experience.

The Hardest Game Ever is by no means a title that you would want to consider lightly. One of the best things that we felt in the application was that the 24 mini games within the title come with their own time limit, which adds to the fun and overall complexity of the challenges. Although, we won’t deny the mild frustration you will have to endure while going through seemingly impossible levels, they for sure won’t take half of your life and can eventually be mastered over time. In short, The Hardest Game Ever is a nice application that will help you skip over the early blues in the morning and commute to your office without having to worry about the traffic and other factors.


Who doesn’t know off YouTube? The application with a plethora of videos on it is the perfect way to put an end to your boredom and have a great time killing boredom on your smartphone. YouTube rose to fame because of its design and the feasibility that it provided users who wanted a seamless application that could provide a belligerent video watching experience. Although, YouTube did face competition at first, it has now risen to the top of the list when it comes to video watching applications.

With tons of funny videos, short clips, prank call videos, fails, funny discussions, vlogs and documentaries on view, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be on YouTube already. More importantly there is also the presence of almost all music videos, upcoming trailers and the best scenes from your favorite movie. Moreover, besides just going through YouTube as someone who watches the videos and enjoys them, you can also use the application for starting your own channel.

Thousands of individuals have made a living for themselves by starting their own YouTube channels. These YouTube channels usually consist of video logs or other content that the world would like to see. So, besides just watching videos, if there is a talent that you would like to showcase or a special event in your life that you would like the world to see, then YouTube is the perfect option for you. Besides the money that you could get from views and subscriptions, there is also the chance of gaining the popularity that we all crave for.


Reddit is one of those few apps that you can download on your phone to have a healthy laugh. Not only is Reddit the ultimate app for passing your time, but it is also a good way to refresh your mind. The application has numerous subreddits that you could subscribe to. All you need to do is create an account for yourself and subscribe to the channels that share funny images, videos, stories, jokes, etc.

Besides just the opportunity for uncontrollable laughs, the design for Reddit is also really interactive and promotes the bonding process within users. It can play GIF files automatically, unlike many of the other such apps including 9 Gag, and enables you to share new content without any hassle. Reddit is a completely free application that you can download into your mobile without any registration charges. You are also not required to verify your email address during the process of registering an account on Reddit.